Easily manage Indigenous Communities tenant and property information.

Software designed to easily manage all aspects of the allocation of housing, tenant relations, charges for services/utilities and collecting payments, managing the maintenance and repair of your Indigenous Community’s housing inventory. Plus, producing the reports required by funding agencies and leadership.

Housing Administration

Organize and track Core unit details including building system’s useful life/life expectancy.

Tenant Property Management

Tenant assistance to support successful relationships.

Maintenance Management

A central dashboard to prioritize, organize, and complete work orders.

Mobile Inspections App

Snap pictures and talk-to-text to quickly and easily document unit conditions to send directly to "Maintenance Management."

Mobile Work Order App

Communicate and complete work orders in real-time without waiting for all the ‘paperwork.'


You can quickly analyze and communicate the most important information in every area about assets, tenants, maintenance, and finance.




Special Features

Designed specifically for the unique needs of Indigenous Communities housing in Canada

Mobile Inspections App and Mobile Work Orders App for Maintenance available for your Smartphone (Android)

Flexibility in functionality and pricing to accommodate housing inventories from under 200 housing units to the largest 1,000-unit plus inventories

Interfaces to most popular Financial software packages to eliminate double entry of cost data

Rolls up maintenance cost projection for 10 years based on inspection information



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