Manage Indigenous Communities citizens in areas such as employment, health and well-being, education, training, and more.

Software designed especially for all Indigenous Communities personnel as a wrap-around system co-ordinating and tracking resources and supports for citizens in areas such as Employment, Health and Well-Being, Education & Training, and more. Focus on employment by planning and recording all of the activities carried out on behalf of the clients - including program costs!

Case Management Areas

Client Cases, Tasks/Reminders, Programs, Training Registration, Funding, Notes


Barrier Analysis, Big Success, Client Activity, Client Continuum, Client Profile, Client Investment, Case Management Statistics, Caseload, Export Action Plan, Program Budget and Costs, Task Assessment, Export Case Information, Funding Reports



Special Features

Graphical dashboard depicting client progress

Dashboard of referrals made to various resources required by the client

Easily links and attaches supporting documentation

Flexible and easy-to-use framework to keep track of client activity in a variety of programs

Calculates financial rewards based on attendance and generates incentive reports that connect to the Finance Department



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