Manage and track Indigenous Communities budget expenditures and commitments.

Software designed for Indigenous Communities management and financial staff in individual departments so that at any given time managers know the status of their budget expenditures and remaining commitments. Pre-requisites: AIS System Manager, AIS Financial Interface.

Easy Management

Entry and tracking of budgets/expenses by department
Automatic assignment of PO/Approval reference numbers
Emailing of new expense requests to manager for approval
Remote approval process
Printing of PO’s (as required)

Detailed Reports

Budget/Expense Report (Budgeted vs. Committed Expenditures)
Purchase Order List Report
Entry of corresponding supplier invoice linked to PO and sent to Finance for payment



Special Features

If a request is denied, the requester is sent an email with the reason for denial

Checks and balances to budget

Expense Review Report available for review by Council with single sign off of entire budget



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