Process Indigenous Communities individual income assistance applications, ongoing verifications, plus ISC Quarterly Reporting and Compliancy Documents

Software designed especially for Indigenous Communities Social Development staff for processing individual applications and ongoing verifications (eligibility and income supports calculations). Also provides the necessary software tools to facilitate and track the ongoing flow of information and funds between ISC, the Indigenous Community, other departments within the Community, and Suppliers and the individual client recipients (funding program policy and compliancy).

Powerful Processing

Digital Client Applications and Budget & Decision
Income Support
Payment Calculations and Pro-rations including recoveries (multiple methods)
3rd Party Supplier Payments (multiple methods)

Detailed Reports

Client Trends for analyzing outcomes to reduced long-term needs by fostering employment
ISC Quarterly Reporting and Compliancy Documents



Special Features

Interfaces to accounting software in support of EFT/Direct Deposit

Used in multiple provincial jurisdictions with unique ISC forms and reporting

Integrated with AIS Case Management for Pre-Employment Supports and AIS Skills Management for employment matching

Can be securely integrated with AIS People Registry



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