Housing & Tenant/Property Management

Effectively Manage Your Largest Physical Asset
AIS has worked with housing managers and administrators over the years to develop a full First Nation Housing, Tenant and Property Management application providing your housing group with a comprehensive tool to keep on top of the many demands of tenants, Chief and Council, and funding agencies.

Step Up Your Maintenance Planning
With maintenance being the largest variable in your housing budget, the importance of effective maintenance planning supported by good software is key to predicting expenditures, prioritizing activities and maintaining the value of your housing assets.

Organize Your Revenue Generation
AIS manages your rent and charges ensuring that all rental agreements are set-up in the system and tracked to maximize revenue to your housing group.

Stay Compliant with Operational and Reporting Requirements
AIS has programmed all of the reports regularly asked for by INAC/AANDC and CMHC which means that these reports are at your fingertips as they become due. Customized and enhanced reporting is available upon request.

AIS Reports are easy to generate and easy to understand. Ask to see our Sample Reports Booklet.

Demonstrate Need and Plan for the Future with Hard Data
Experienced Chiefs and Councils know that solid, evidence-based requests have a better chance of success in demonstrating the need for new units and renovations in the face of rising populations and aging units.

Start with Your Priorities and Get Immediate Benefit from Each Step
AIS is a comprehensive system with considerable power when used to its fullest. First Nations will find that, starting with their priority areas (e.g. Rentals, Maintenance Planning), the system can be implemented in manageable steps to accommodate staff schedules.

The AIS “Mobile Inspector” replaces the traditional clipboard and uses
popular, easy to use tablet or notebook technology to capture GPS
coordinates, record inspection data and transfer it to your housing

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